Lisa On Our Team Building Class

I brought my work group to the culinary studio for a team building exercise over the lunch hour. In 2 hours we made a delicious lunch of appetizers, main course and dessert with 4 variations of each. Kirstie was incredibly resourceful, knowledgeable, and allowed us to incorporate various leadership and team building opportunities into our experience. The studio is well designed to facilitate a corporate event of this nature. It was a fantastic experience – one I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat. Thank you!


Krista on our Cooking Class

I just left you first ever cooking class at the studio. I can’t even express how wonderful it was! We had so much fun! You two seemed totally at ease and relaxed and made the experience truly one of a kind. My friend and I have been looking for a long time for something just like what you two have created and you should be very proud. You gave us a great night out, taught us some things we thought we already knew (but really didn’t) and inspired us to re-create the meal for our husbands this weekend! Thank you again! Can’t wait to do it again!


Angela on Our Friday Lunch

I just had your Friday take out lunch for the first time and had to write this e-mail. It was absolutely one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten in my life! I should have listened to my friend long ago, she always talk about how amazing your food is but I just never made the time go to. That will change however going forward, so amazing! Kudos to the chef!!


Shelley on Our Hot Lunch

We enjoyed every minute and every bite at lunch today. You’re going to see more of us in the future. I’m organizing and planning as we speak. Thanks for a great experience.


Irene on our Date Night Cooking Class

just wanted to let you know how much Tim & I enjoyed the Friday Night Date class. We really love the new space you and your partner have built. There is so much more room to move around now, but you still have the intimate and fun relaxed style of the old cooking classes previously hosted in your house. We’re looking forward to signing up for more classes in the future! Thanks again!


Louise On Our Farmer's Dinner

Saturday night was amazing and thank you so much for inviting John and I. The evening could not have been more perfect, which includes, of course, the wonderful meal, service, ambiance, presentation and the attention to details. Kirstie, I wish you and Jody all the best in your new school/business and I am looking forward to attending some of the cooking classes. Great, great job. Yum, yum, I was wiping my plate clean.


Stephanie On Our Cooking Classes

Just wanted to say that we had an awesome evening of fun and learning at your studio last night. You and your partner Jody have made a beautiful kitchen and dining area for people to gather and enjoy! As a business owner I wish you and your partner all the best! On behalf of the GROUP OF 7 thank you once again!


Heather on Our Cooking Class

Thank you so much for a great evening. We have received only rave reviews and nothing even resembling a complaint or criticism of the entire evening. Everyone enjoyed your facility, the recipe, the experience, the food and your professionalism. Several people are committed to not only making the recipe again at home, but even the preserved lemon! As you know, our office arranged this as a client event, and so it was extremely important to us that the night go over well. We cannot thank you enough for your tremendous contribution for making the evening a success.


Amanda on our Cajun Cuisine Class

Thanks again for such an excellent class ! We really and truly loved coming, you have such a fantastic studio and wonderfully pleasant staff. Mi Hwa was an excellent teacher as well. Hope to see you all again soon, take care !


Deborah on our Fish & Seafood Class

Totally enjoyed the culinary experience that left me chatting to all my co-workers the following day. You are a patient teacher and very thorough in your delivery. Thanks for an awesome night out and the food was amazing. I look forward to trying out the recipes at home and will definitely be taking more classes.


Carolyn On Our Baking Class

I wanted to let you know how you’ve reignited my passion for baking from the course I took 3 weeks ago. I don’t think there’s been a day since the course that I haven’t thought about it and something I learned. I loved how you taught the course, in particular how we focussed on the techniques, rather than measuring ingredients, etc. This also allowed us to cover so much ground and learn so much. I was so impressed with the quality of the ingredients and equipment we used. I’ve told so many people about how excellent the class was and I’m so looking forward to my next class this week! I love seeing 2 women starting a business and succeeding!


Liam on Our Monday Night Cooking Series

My kids got me a gift certificate for the Monday Night Series. After the first class I went home and called all of them to thank them for such an amazing gift!


Glenna On Our Cooking Class

Just a note to say thank you for a great evening of fun and good food. I shared leftovers with my husband and he was mightily impressed. I finished the last few bites this morning. Such terrific flavor. I am so looking forward to your recipes. Such a simple, basic cooking technique offers tremendous results with amazing flavor and melt in your mouth dinners. The Culinary Studio has a warm atmosphere, very welcoming. I loved your set up. I hope to see you again soon.


Carolyn On Our Cooking Classes

Thanks for another great class on Wednesday night. I look so forward to my classes at your studio and they never fail to inspire me and I always learn something new!


Denton On our Corporate Events

Thank-you for truly awesome experience !!! you will for sure see me in the near future with some friends and family and WINE . I will be sure to pass along what a great evening I experienced .


Julia On Our Cooking Classes

I’d like to thank you for the excellent time my husband Erik and I had last Friday in the “Cook Like A Chef” class. We learned a lot, had fun, and ate well…what more could we ask for? :) You have a great business going there, and we definitely plan to join in another class. Both you ladies are great communicators-engaging, educational, accessible. So thanks again.


Steve on our Cooking Class

Just a quick note to say I really enjoyed the class. As someone who has no cooking skills at all I was a little nervous going in, but it was a lot of fun. And, I just made myself two perfectly poached eggs!


Laurie On Our Farmer's Dinner

Thank you so much for the fantastic event for Scott’s 40th birthday last week. We loved it! Our friends loved it! AND we are all still raving about the wonderful food and atmosphere. It couldn’t have been a better setting for this party.If you are open to it, we would love to have the recipes that you used for our menu. I am still swooning over that broccoli and over the best butter tarts in the history of the world!!


Melissa on Our Cooking Class

Just wanted to say thank you for a great class. I cook every single day and nothing ever turns out fantastic, ever. The day after the class, I made my husband the roasted cauliflower and homemade croutons with parsley sauce. My husband licked the bowl. This past weekend I made the sirloin roast with the pan jus and popovers and my husband said it was the best roast he’s had in his entire life. Anyway, after 20 years of recipe hunting and cooking, the best things I can make are all from one 3-hour class. Thank you sincerely


Ron on our Cooking Class

I do want to take a moment to say how much I enjoyed the evening. Regarding the evening: First of all it was very relaxing which I was not necessarily expecting and very enjoyable which I was expecting as this was my second time. Second, I think you are an excellent teacher Kirstie with an exceptional attention to details, both personal and subject wise. I also appreciate the enthusiasm you have for cooking, cooking instructions and sharing tips. You shared some vital information about local farmers and their products. Third, I appreciate the work of your staff in preparing for the night and assisting throughout the evening. The are very attentive and personable. Fourth, I can’t believe how tasty everything was; meaning that it was impossible to choose one meat dish over the other…and lucky me, I took some home and enjoyed it the next day Finally, let me say Kirstie, that I realize no successful evening comes about without a lot of planning and attention to detail and a great staff to prepare and present. Well you had it happening in spades on Wednesday night. So a big thank you to yourself and your staff!!!! See you for Pub Night next Friday Can’t Wait :)


Thomas On Our Cooking Classes

Thanks so much for a great evening. I really enjoyed you presentation and professionalism. Looks like you both have fun at what you are doing…….I learned a lot and I will definitely be back


Brian on our Friday Lunches

I was first in line for the triple pork on sandwich last Friday and I just want you to know it was seriously the best sandwich I have ever eaten. I am not kidding you. I wish I had ordered two so I could have one on Saturday. The decadent cookie was the icing on the cake. It was my first visit and not my last. I only hope you offer this sandwich again sometime. I was in heaven. Thanks!


Christine On Our Cooking Classes

I thoroughly enjoyed the session we had today; the lunch we prepared was delicious. Making a salad with quinoa is not something that I would have attempted to make on my own or even think of making before today’s session. Now I can’t wait to make it for my family. I am a busy mom with 3 kids and I learned so much from the 45 minute session that we had. Thank you for spending your time with us and sharing your secrets on preparing healthy food.


Brenda on The Farmer's Dinner

Thanks! We had a really great time! I will definitely be back for another event! My compliments to the chef’s and all the staff. The food was fabulous, the service wonderful, and the experience worth sharing!


Carrie On Our Cooking Classes

I wanted to say thank you for another wonderful night on Saturday. As always, the food and service were outstanding! You’ve created a unique, interactive dining experience that we always look forward to with great anticipation, and you never disappoint. Thanks again for seating us all at the island – that was very much appreciated! We hope to see you again soon!


Bev on The Farmer's Dinner

We had a lovely time at your Farmer’s Dinner with Charles Meats as the host farm. It was our first time with you and you WOW’ed us :) Amazing food, atmosphere and people. We felt like “family”. We are returning for my birthday and bringing our two University girls, home for the summer, along for the experience. We are so excited to see you again in July!


Gloria On Our Cooking Classes

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dim Sum class last night. Great company and really good food. Excellent idea and hope you have more dim sum classes!.


Laurie On Our Cooking Classes

Wanted to let you know I thought your last night class was awesome. Content was really great, the food selection was perfect and Anna does know her stuff.

I totally enjoyed it.


Kathy On Our Cooking Classes

Thank you Kirstie & Jody, and team,

What a terrific event! Thank you for providing an experience we wont forget. You have such a common sense, straight forward, relaxed atmosphere at your studio. Everyone loved it, the food, the tastes, sharing your experiences, and knowledge…. very easy to refer other people, and many reasons to come back.