Ron on our Cooking Class

I do want to take a moment to say how much I enjoyed the evening. Regarding the evening: First of all it was very relaxing which I was not necessarily expecting and very enjoyable which I was expecting as this was my second time. Second, I think you are an excellent teacher Kirstie with an exceptional attention to details, both personal and subject wise. I also appreciate the enthusiasm you have for cooking, cooking instructions and sharing tips. You shared some vital information about local farmers and their products. Third, I appreciate the work of your staff in preparing for the night and assisting throughout the evening. The are very attentive and personable. Fourth, I can’t believe how tasty everything was; meaning that it was impossible to choose one meat dish over the other…and lucky me, I took some home and enjoyed it the next day Finally, let me say Kirstie, that I realize no successful evening comes about without a lot of planning and attention to detail and a great staff to prepare and present. Well you had it happening in spades on Wednesday night. So a big thank you to yourself and your staff!!!! See you for Pub Night next Friday Can’t Wait :)