About Booking Classes

To redeem a gift certificate, do not sign up online - instead choose your class and contact us by phone or email.

To pay for a class using VISA or MasterCard you can pay through the PayPal gateway even if you do not have an account. Payment must be received and will be confirmed through email to verify you have secured the class or dinner space. Please carefully read and understand our cancellation policy before booking.

APRIL 2018
MAY 2018
JUNE 2018
JULY 2018
April 2018
27 Fri
06:00 PM
Friday Night Date Night!
A Steak dinner for Two!
May 2018
2 Wed
06:00 PM
Fish & Seafood Cooking Class
Fresh Fish & Seafood from T & J Seafoods
5 Sat
12:00 PM
Book Signing Event with Rose Murray!
Food Samples & Cookbooks!
10 Thu
06:00 PM
Indian Cooking Class
The best of Indian recipes from scratch!
11 Fri
06:00 PM
Cooking with Mom!
Cook a gorgeous meal together with Mom!
28 Mon
06:00 PM
The Monday Night Cook Series
Change the way you look at food!
30 Wed
06:00 PM
Three Great Curries!
Dishes from our most popular cooking classes
June 2018
1 Fri
03:00 PM
Couples Cook Off! Traeger BBQ Competition!
Grill, Eat and Win some prizes!
5 Tue
06:00 PM
Sauces, Sate & Spice Blends!
Jump Start your Summer Cooking with these Staples!
6 Wed
06:00 PM
Sausage Making Class!
Learn the fine art of sausage making from start to finish!
8 Fri
06:00 PM
A Date with A Vegan!
Carnivores and Herbivores Unite!
12 Tue
06:00 PM
Knife Skills & Promo Night!
Start cooking where it counts, with knife skill perfection!
20 Wed
06:00 PM
Summer BBQ Style Cooking Class!
Up your BBQ Style this Summer!
21 Thu
06:00 PM
Smoking Workshop feat. Bacon & Brisket
Your intro to from-scratch curing & smoking
July 2018
6 Fri
06:00 PM
Best of Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine
Delicious Eastern Mediterannean Food!
11 Wed
06:00 PM
Cooking Class: Italian Grill
The Real Deal Italian Steak Class
18 Wed
06:00 PM
Keto-Friendly Summertime BBQ!
19 Thu
06:00 PM
Vegan Indian Cooking Class!
Fresh, Inventive & Vegan!
23 Mon
06:00 PM
Fish and Seafood: Feeding A Crowd!
Re-think how you serve Fish & Seafood!