The Culinary Studio is the best place to spend time with co-workers. Food just brings out the best in people! Our Team building experiences strengthen working relationships and reward your employees all while teaching fun skills in a relaxed setting. We have various Team Building Events to choose from. Please contact us directly for pricing and booking information via email or telephone. Each event is customized to suit individual company needs. Additional time in the Studio at our Harvest table is perfect for post-team building meetings. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book any event and a minimum 12 people are required for any event, unless otherwise stated. Final numbers must be confirmed 48 hours prior to your event date and time. Have questions? Contact us at

NEW | BBQ Team Challenge!

Class Type: Hands-On & Demo

Duration: 3 Hours

Minimum 12 people, Maximum 24 people 

A perfect outing for the warmer weather! In this event your team is broken down into teams of 3 or 4 people to work together to concoct a customized BBQ Spice rub and to create a BBQ Sauce from Scratch! Our chefs put out a variety of ingredients and discuss the theory behind BBQ flavours and sauce making from around the world. Sample authentic chili sauce, Alabama White Sauce & Fresh Chimichurri while enjoying a cold beer. Spice up a flattened chicken before it hits our wood-pellet Traeger grills. Sit down to a perfect summer meal, rounded out by summer salads, our homemade bread & butter and fresh fruit shortcakes for dessert! Analyze whose spice reigns supreme!

International Team Challenge

The International Team Challenge Event starts with a themed 'wrap and roll' competition! Who can make the best dumpling? Fresh roll? Perogie??! This is followed by group work on one of our favourite 'one-pot' dishes, all to be enjoyed at the Harvest Table. This is designed for DAYTIME team buildings only. Themes to choose from: 

1. Japanese Pork Gyoza + Chicken Teriyaki Noodle Bowl 

2. Indian Samosas + Butter Chicken 

3. Vegetable Fresh Rolls + Thai Coconut Curry 

4. Homemade Perogies + Cabbage Roll Braise 

5. Chicken Caesar Calzone + Pasta Carbonara 

6. Jamaican Patty + Jerk Chicken & Rice Dish

The Executive

Perfect for a Team Night Out, Client Appreciation, Entertaining Clients or Celebrating something special, our Executive night out adds that little bit more than just going out for dinner. Begin your evening with a drink by the bar. Then our team of chef's will welcome your guests into the kitchen to partake in the making of hors d'ouevres! Be as much or as little involved as you like! Question the chefs, learn some new tips and tricks. You are then seated to enjoy a four-course customized meal, complete with our homemade bread & butter, coffee, tea and house-made dessert. Choose from our locally-inspired seasonal menus. 

 Maximum capacity: 30 people.

Butter Chicken Challenge!

Class Type: Hands-On

Duration: Approx. 3 hours

Your company is divided up into 2-3 groups; when the ingredients are revealed, each group gets cooking! With the help of our chefs, each team is responsible to cook our amazing butter chicken recipe. Our judges will reveal the winner based on speed, efficiency, taste, teamwork and cleanliness! When the clock is up, you will then be seated to enjoy an Indian feast complete with Freshly Baked Bread & Butter, Coconut Basmati Rice, House-Made Chutney and Cucumber Raita. Your team building includes tea, coffee and house-made dessert.

Minimum number of participants: 12 people; Maximum number 24 people.

Appetizer Bonanza!

Class Type: Hands-On

Duration: 3 hours

Our "Appetizer Bonanza" Team Building lets your whole team get hands-on in our kitchen to create a variety of appetizers, all from scratch! Your large team is divided into 5 small teams, where they revolve around our kitchen, going from station to station to create different tasty bites. After approx. 1.5 hours in the kitchen, our Studio is quickly transformed into a stand-up cocktail party. Enjoy all of the appetizers, passed around by our servers, or at stations. Included is coffee and tea with mini desserts. Each event is custom-designed for your company. Past seasonal appetizers have included Spanikopita, Fresh Mango Salad Rolls with Chilli Dip, Smoked Salmon Rosti Potato, Italian Lentil & Bacon Soup and Fresh, Seasonal Bruschetta. Skills covered include Knife Skills, Saute Skills, Proper Seasoning, Flavour development and more.

Minimum number of participants: 20; Maximum number of participants: 30 (evening only)

Corporate Cooking Classes

Class Type: Corporate Cooking 

Class Duration: 3 hours

Your Corporate Cooking Class begins with passed hors d'ouevres created by our chefs while you enjoy a drink with your co-workers! Then get ready to hop into the kitchen for the ultimate hands-on cooking experience. Choose your theme! Once finished in the kitchen, you are seated at our Harvest Table to enjoy the feast, including our homemade bread & butter and seasonal salad. Your evening ends with coffee, tea and a house-made dessert. Choose from the following themes (Dishes to be cooked by participants & demo style to ensure a perfectly timed evening) 

Moroccan Night: Chicken Tfaya; Moroccan 7 Vegetable Stew; Herb Couscous; Preserved Lemons 

Best of the Middle East: Chicken Schawarma; Mejadra (Spiced Rice & Lentils); Tahini Yougrt Sauce; Bulgar Stuffed Vegetables

Fresh Italian: Antipasto; Classic Tuscan Ragu; Hand-Made Egg Pasta

Classic Indian: Pakoras & Chutney; Butter Chicken; Jewelled Rice; Daal; Raita

THE Dinner Party: Fancy Studio Salad; Creamy 3-Onion Soup; Mustard Seed Crusted Pork Loin; Braised Vegetables 'au jus' 

Japanese Style: Vegetable Tempura; Pork Gyoza; Make-Your-Own Sushi; Chicken Teriyaki

**Note: we do our best to accomodate food allergies if we are notified ahead of time. We can also guide you as to what menu best suits your group.

European Make & Take

Our Chef’s go over the process of making your own Bacon & Saurkraut and each person takes a pound of bacon and a jar of saurkraut home with them. This event will be available to groups of 8-30 for day or lunch bookings that include lunch and for groups of 16-30 for evening bookings that include a full three course meal. 

One Bowl One Team

Class Type: Hands-On

Duration 1.5 hrs

Minimum: 5 Maximum: 20

Choose from one of our most popular ‘one pot’ dishes to make together in groups. Learn how to layer flavours, build sauces and season properly! Your team then sits down to enjoy the dish! 

Thai Coconut Chicken Curry with Rice 

Sticky Pulled Chicken with Rice Pilaf 

Cashew Coconut Vegetable Curry with Rice 

Butter Chicken with Rice Jerk Chicken Pot with Rice

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