Pig Butchery


Tuesday, Jan 21
6:00pm - 9:00pm EST

We are excited to have butcher/teacher Jamie Waldron back for our Pork Butchery class.  This is your chance to become totally fluent in the language of pork.
The class is geared towards the food enthusiast as well as people looking for a basic understanding of how to break down a whole hog.
We begin the evening with a run down of the proper tools needed to complete the task at hand.
Things get started by breaking down the pig into primal cuts and discuss each piece in depth.
Revisiting each primal we then break down each into more manageable cuts such as chops and roasts.
We’ll be talking lots and providing information and instructions on many things throughout the day.
Highlights; rendering lard, salting bacon/guanciale, and basic sausage ratios. Proper food handling, storage and cooking techniques will be discussed. Participants go home with about 20lbs of meat (wrapped and labeled). 

The pig that we instruct on has been reared at Perth Pork Products. It’s been raised without the use of growth promoting hormones or antibiotics and been fed a natural diet, most of which has been produced on the farm. 

Class sizes are limited to 8 participants. 


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