Virtual Cooking Class: Fish & Seafood


Friday, Oct 16
5:45pm - 7:45pm EDT


48 remaining



Cook with us!  Enjoy all of the benefits of coming to a cooking class—a hands-on class taught by two Red Seal Chefs—but in the comfort of your own home!  While cooking with us we’ll go through every recipe, step-by-step, answering all of your key questions: the WHY’s, HOW’S and HOW MUCH and HOW LONG questions. 


Today’s Theme: Date Night--Cooking with fish & seafood.  We're going to start you off with an addictive new spin on a classic sandwich--a Smoked Salmon melt featuring 'hot smoked' salmon--the perfect starter with a bottle of bubbly!  Then we are making a seafood veloute with pasta--a veloute is a versatile, creamy and classy way to cook fish & seafood.  Let us show you the finer points.   


Cost: $85/class with Ingredient Pick-Up Pack (serves 2 generously)

           $25/class only

           $50/extra ingredients 



Mini Hot-Smoked Salmon Melts

Greens Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette

Fish & Seafood Veloute with Spaghettini


Shopping List:

(Highlighted/Underlined items will be in the Ingredient Pick-Up Pack.  Pick-up between 2pm and 4pm at the Culinary Studio on same day of class—arrive at Studio and pop your trunk)


Ingredient List: COMING SOON! Pick-Up Pack will inlcude most ingredients, all fish & seafood sourced from T&J Seafoods. 




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