The Perfect Brisket

With lazy hot weekends approaching, its time to bring out the smoker, the bbq, build a fire…whatever.  Its also time to shop at your local Farmer’s Markets to get inspired.  This blog came about after we noticed a bit of a ‘brisket effect’ happening in around the May long weekend.  A few weeks ago we made our House-Smoked Beef Brisket sandwiches for our weekly Hot Lunch Fridays.

Whilst picking up our brisket from the market, Husband #1 decided he needed to ‘do a brisket’ on the weekend.  So we purchased extra brisket and got it in a brine in time to smoke for the weekend.  About a week later, Husband #2 just happened upon some extra brisket and then he too, needed to ‘do a brisket’ on the weekend.  Meanwhile, our brisket was such a hit we had many a clients inquiring on just how we do it.


First: you need good brisket.  We LOVE the beef brisket from Charles Quality Meats, farmers and butchers out of St. Agatha.  If you want a good 5-10lb piece, best to call ahead.

Second: Get it in a brine for about 4 days

Third: Remove from Brine and Smoke it at around 200-250 degrees for about 2 hours, or up to 12 hours.  If smoking for 12 hours, skip step #4.

Four: ‘steam’ your smoked brisket until it is fork tender, about 4-5 hours.  Do this by placing it in a roasting pan with about an inch of water, (on a rack preferably) with a tight-fitting lid or tinfoil (chef’s never have lids hanging around.  Its always lots of foil).

Fifth: Slice it fairly thin. We like to serve a variety of both the lean end (you’ll easily be able to tell the difference) and the fatty end.

Six: Serve it how you wish: On Rye with Mustard; On a bun with a nice tangy slaw; with classic BBQ sides you also spent all weekend making, like Market Grilled Veggies, A Potato Salad, A Tomato-Cucumber Salad (look for these recipes in upcoming blogs!).


So, as far as a recipe goes, we’ve included our Brine recipe below.  After the 3 or 4 days in the brine (depending on how big your brisket it), refer to the above steps 3-6.  You know your smoker or bbq smoker best.


For a 5-7 lb brisket

4 litres water

1 ½ cup kosher salt

½ cup white sugar

1 cup brown sugar

1 ½ oz pink salt (optional: talk to your local butcher or order online)

2 Tbsp pickling spice

¼ cup honey

5 cloves garlic, minced

½ bunch of fresh thyme, left whole

1.Combine all ingredients on in large pot and bring to a boil, to dissolve salt and sugars. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

2.Pour over brisket and allow to brine in refrigerator for four days.  Remove from brine, pat dry and top with the following:

¼ cup coriander

¼ cup black pepper

1. Mix together coriander  and black pepper, light crush and rub into brisket.

2. Smoke for 2 hour. Remove and place in brazier with 1 cup of water. Braise over medium-low heat until fork tender