Hot Lunch Schedule

Come to the Studio for lunch! Find a new 'hot feature' everyday, as well as freshly made SOUPS and SALADS.  Soups & Salads come complete with our buttered focaccia bread.  EVERYTHING is made from scratch, by us, with love.  Lunch prices range from $6-$10, plus tax.  Need a modification? No problem.  Eat In, Take Out or Delivery ($10). We delivery to Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge. We do not take reservations.

Monday Oct 16th

Soup: Tomato Tortellini Soup+ Homemade Bread $6
Salad: Greek Pasta Salad $8
Sandwich: Mexican Pulled Pork Melt w/ Roasted Red Peppers and Charred Onion.

Tuesday Oct 17th

Soup: Coconut Chicken Rice Noodle Soup + Homemade bread $7
Salad: Cobb Salad: Bacon, Hard boiled egg, Tomato, cucumber, Gunn's Hill Cheese w/ house ranch dressing $8
Sandwich:  Tuna Melt $9

Wednesday Oct 18th

SOUP: Back Bacon & Bean  Soup+ Homemade Bread $7
SALAD: Crunchy Nutty Bowl w/ Cashew Cheese & Sunflower Seeds $8
SANDWICH: Pulled Chicken Sandwich w/ Aioli and slaw on a freshly baked honey butter bun $9

Thursday Oct 19th

Soup : 1. Smoked Ham and Pea $7
           2. Creamy Fish and Potato Chowder $7
           3. Leek and Celeriac  $6
Salad: Staff Salad: Our Weekly Favourite! $8
Sandwich:  Chicken Schnitzel w/ smoked sausage  on fresh baked bread $9

Friday Oct 20th

Middle Eastern Sandwich! Yogurt Marinated Chicken Schawarma, Tahini-Yogurt Sauce, House Pickled Vegetables, Hummus & Parlsey Garlic Sauce on a Fresh Baked Bun


 $11 comes with Studio Cookie


Ongoing: Cookie Delivery!  Treat your office to a weekly treat! Perfect for a Office Birthday, the Friday Treat, or to erase any Monday blues, our addictive Studio Cookies (made with Lindt Milk & Dark Chocolate) are now available for delivery, right to your workplace door.  Each extra large cookie is made by us, using real butter, hand-chopped chocolate and lots of love.  Cookies are baked as close to delivery time as possible! 

Price: $2.25/each, min. 1 dozen order 
Delivery: $10
Order in person, via email or call 519.496.5595.  Just give us 24 hours notice!