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Pasta alla carbonara

            An Italian pasta dish based on eggs, pecorino romano, guanciale and black pepper.  The recipes vary, though all agree that cheese, egg yolks (or whole eggs), cured fatty pork and black pepper are basic.  In all versions of the recipe, the eggs are added to the sauce raw, and cook with the heat of the pasta itself.  The pork is fried in olive oil, and then a mixture of eggs, cheese, and butter (or olive oil) is combined with pasta, cooking the eggs.  Cream is not used in Italian recipes.  Spaghetti is usually the pasta used. 

For two

250g pasta
½ lb pork (bacon, guanciale, pancetta—I used a leftover smoked pork chop with great results)
2-3 tbsp. olive oil
2 eggs plus 1 yolk
plenty of kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
½ cup grated cheese (parmesan or romano) plus more for serving

1. Fill a large pot with water and put it on to boil

2. Meanwhile, heat a large frying pan over medium heat and add bacon or pancetta or whatever pork you are using and olive oil

3. Fry over medium-low heat until fat is rendered but not overly crisp.

4. In a medium sized bowl add eggs and scramble well with salt and plenty of black pepper.  Whisk in cheese.

5. When water comes to a boil add about ¼ cup salt and cook pasta until al dente, about 8 minutes. 

6. Work quickly to finish the dish: remove cooked past from water with tongs directly into hot pan with pork.  Toss well  and then add pasta and pork into the eggs.  Toss well and serve immediately topped with more cheese, black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil



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