Now offering virtual cooking classes!

Cook with us!  Enjoy all of the benefits of coming to a cooking class—a hands-on class taught by two Red Seal Chefs—but in the comfort of your own home!  While cooking with us we’ll go through every recipe, step-by-step, answering all of your key questions: the WHY’s, HOW’S and HOW MUCH and HOW LONG questions. 

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We teach you. We feed you.
We cook for the love of it.

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Virtual Classes!

Virtual Cooking Class: East Coast Seafood Celebration
Calling all Seafood Lovers! It's time to indulge...
22 tickets remaining
Virtual Wine Night! Wines of California!
Your ticket to extraordinary wine and newfound knowledge
93 tickets remaining
Virtual Cooking Class: Thai & Vietnamese Favourites
Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy...the World's perfect balance of flavours!
51 tickets remaining
Virtual Cooking Class: Fresh Mexican!
A fresh Mexican getaway!
58 tickets remaining
Virtual Cooking Class: Our Favourite Indian!
Best of Homemade Indian Food!
60 tickets remaining
Virtual Summer Date Night!
Hors D'oeuvres, Steak Dinner & Simple Dessert!
78 tickets remaining

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